Why Choose High Frequency Heating Machine?

Pulished on Dec. 22, 2020

Thehigh-frequency heating machineis currently the most efficient, fastest, low-consumption, energy-saving and environmentally friendly induction heating equipment for heating metal materials.

Advantages of high-frequency heating machine

1. The heating speed is fast; the heating hardness layer is uniform; the heating area can be automatically controlled; the heating is uniform, the movement is stable, and it is suitable for workpieces with high heating precision.

2.It has an integrated heating fluid circulating cooling system; shafts and gears can share a quenching machine;

3. The quality is stable, the quality of the high-frequency heating machine and the heating machine tool is stable, and the long-term work will not cause any impact on the machine;

4. Convenient operation, the complete set of equipment is fully automated, there are few operation and management personnel, and the operation is convenient, which greatly reduces labour intensity;

5. Environmental protection and energy saving. Compared with other traditional heating methods, the high-frequency induction heating power supply does not produce environmental pollution and has high electrical efficiency, which has obvious advantages of environmental protection and energy-saving.

High Frequency Heating Machine

Application of high-frequency heating machine

1. Heat treatment: partial or overall quenching, annealing, tempering and diathermy of various metals;

2.Hot forming: whole forging, partial forging, hot heading, hot rolling;

3. Welding: brazing of various metal products, welding of various knife blades, saw teeth, welding of steel pipes, copper pipes, welding of the same kind of dissimilar metals;

4. Metal smelting: (vacuum) smelting, casting moulding and evaporation coating of gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminium and other metals.

5. Other applications of the high-frequency heating machine: semiconductor single crystal growth, heat matching, bottle mouth heat sealing, toothpaste skin heat sealing, powder coating, metal implantation plastics.

Precautions for high-frequency heating machine

1. The heating room should be well ventilated and kept clean, tidy and dry. The equipment must be powered on by two or more people, and the person in charge of the operation must be designated. Operators should be familiar with and abide by the operating regulations of the heating equipment and wear the prescribed protective equipment. When using high-frequency hardening machine tools, you should pay attention to the safe operation rules of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic transmission. The equipment needs to be repaired by a dedicated person. Before repairing, use a discharge rod to discharge the capacitors. Emergency repairs with power on are strictly prohibited.

2.为了防止大型工件爆炸ing and hurting people during high-induction heating, the operation procedures of high-frequency heat treatment and the corresponding large-scale heat treatment procedures must be strictly followed during operation. Ultrasonic flaw detection of large workpieces should be carried out one by one. Any workpiece with white spots, serious segregation and looseness is found after flaw detection, and high-frequency equipment heating is prohibited. The workpiece should be free of burrs, iron filings and oil to prevent arcing. In the production operation, the person in charge must be designated, and the operator must be familiar with and abide by the operating procedures of thehigh-frequency heating equipment.

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