What Are the Advantages of High Frequency Heating Technology?

Pulished on Jan. 21, 2021

It is well known that the manufacturing process of solid wood furniture is complex and lengthy. In order to meet the growing market demand, manufacturers urgently need technology that can significantly reduce the production time of solid wood furniture. This technology has been born, and it is high frequency heating technology, which comes from high frequency woodworking machinery, such ashigh frequency framing machines, high frequency single corner machines, high frequency panelising machines and 45 degree automatic corner cutting machines. Many people do not know much about these woodworking high frequency heating technology, the followingframe joining machine supplierwill take you in detail.

High frequency heating technology is a new technology developed in recent decades. It uses rapidly changing high-frequency electromagnetic fields to act on the object, so that its internal heating to achieve the purpose of heating. It has the advantages of fast heating speed, uniform heating and good product quality.

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Advantages of high-frequency heating

Compared with traditional heating methods, high frequency heating has many advantages. On the one hand, it is reflected in the heating speed; on the other hand, it is also reflected in the heating quality. These advantages make high-frequency heating technology significantly more productive.

High-frequency heating greatly improves the speed and quality of the glue application, which not only reduces the technical requirements of the operator, but also reduces the waiting time and pressure on the glue during the assembly process. It also improves the quality of the glue and greatly reduces the quality problems caused by the glue and reduces the possibility of cracking

1.Fast heating speed and high efficiency: using high frequency heating to bend wood products, the heating speed is 3-5 times faster than steam heating. The thicker the workpiece, the more obvious the speed advantage.

2.Good heating uniformity: electric field penetration heating, heating media in all positions of the electric field. Compared to high frequency electric fields such as microwaves, the length and depth are more uniform.

3.Good heating applicability: no matter how thick the workpiece is, it can be heated in the high-frequency electric field. By adjusting the high frequency and heating different media and workpieces, it is widely used for bonding and gluing of wood.

4 .The stronger controllability is more suitable for the whole process of automated production: a set of factory wiring is formed. With heating selectivity, such as wood panels, can make the glue seam in the same position by the electric field, the wood is not heated.

5. Can provide a good working environment: environmental protection, no boiler, no dust, no smoke, no high temperature radiation.

6. Suitable for automatic production: small footprint, low labour intensity.

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Multiple functions: Board joining, edge banding and assembling.

Application: All dimension of furniture board, all kind of furniture frame, furniture table, solid wood, wooden door, etc.

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