How to Effectively Control the Moisture Content in the Production of Solid Wood Furniture?



In the pursuit of environmental protection and health, solid wood furniture has the advantages of high weight ratio, beautiful texture, moisture and temperature adjustment, nature, and no chemical pollution. It meets the psychological needs of modern urbanites for advocating nature and is favored by consumers.



Due to the different humidity in the north and south of my country, the requirements for the moisture content of wood are also different.

For example, in the north, the average annual moisture content of wood in Beijing is 11.8%, and the lowest is 9.3%. Therefore, if the furniture produced in the south is to be shipped and used in the north, attention should be paid to controlling the moisture content of the furniture.



木材干燥是水分含量控制的源头rol. Only when the drying moisture content reaches the required wood standard, can it be effectively controlled during processing. The textures in hardwood are mostly not smooth, and the movement of water is very slow. Therefore, the moisture content of the surface, and the inner layer of the wood is very different. In general, the initial moisture content of polished furniture wood is controlled within 6%, and the initial moisture content of non-polished furniture wood is controlled within 8%. In this way, the drying stress in the timber library can be eliminated, and the moisture content can be smoothed.




高频真空干燥技术大大缩短了木材的干燥时间,通过控制智能设备,木材的水分含量很好。这HF vacuum timber dryer不仅可以干燥普通木材,而且还可用于纯净和优质木材的干燥处理,如桃花心木,它甚至可以说,使用高频干燥技术相当于可以控制水分含量的键木头。